Saturday, April 28, 2012

The empty chair

The sky was dark, so was the room,
There sat a man in despair and gloom
He was counting seconds which were long.

His chair was broken so he had to balance his weight. Happiness had died. The sound of a running tap was bothering enough. He couldn't hear it but while writing I could. I sat there watching his stillness. He didn't tremble. I wished to see him move. His eyes were moving but meeting no one else's eyes. His throat was moving but there was no voice. No one came to get him for some time. His heart was beating. I could sense it. The wait is the hardest. It's not the physical pain that made him numb. It was the end of his existence. The priest came to him and started chanting. He was not listening. No one was listening. Finally they came and took him. He struggled a little,  little more, more. Every one was watching his desparation. I shifted my eyes to the empty chair. I sensed the death through that empty chair. I kept looking at the chair. I could feel the tension shift from him to the chair.
After two minutes people started murmering. One more convict came with the gaurds. He sat one the empty chair. He looked through the window at the ground.I looked out too.
The sky was dark, so was the room,
There sat a man in despair and gloom
He was counting seconds which were long.

Lame story 1

Anant was a young boy living in small town called ajgar nagar. Ajgar nagar was famous for its pythons . There were pythons every where . It's adjoining town was kutta nagar. Kutta nagar was famous because of its dogs.
Anant was 13 years old and was scared of pythons . He wanted to leave his home town and go to kutta nagar because of his love for dogs. People of Ajgar nagar were not allowed to enter kutta nagar and vice versa because of an old rivalry which had caused the partion Ajgar nagar from kutta nagar.
One day anant decided to run away from Ajgar nagar to kutta nagar to get rid of his phobia. He planned this trip with his best friend jagat, who had agreed only on one condition that anant will play with him every day.
One morning both anant and jagat packed a few essential things and started there journey towards kutta nagar. On there way they met vishela Baba who was the priest . They tried to avoid vishela Baba. They looked at him. They were trying to behave normal inorder to avoid any question, but Baba was shrewd. He knew something was not right. Baba asked the boys to help him setup a statue. The boys were reluctant but they agreed. While setting up the statue Baba asked the boys three questions.
Q1 - Do you know what you want from your life?
Q2 - What are the benefits, the world can derive from your life?
Q3 - why were you born?

Anant and jagat had no answer. Anant's goal was to reach kutta nagar because of his hatred for pythons and love for dog. Jagat's goal was to just play with anant everyday. They had never thought about their inner self. They were too busy exploring there selfish motives through which they can take as much as they can.

Ps: not many of us believe in giving something to the world. All we want is to gain. The day each one of us will start to add something. Society won't be divided into parts because giving will bring you closer to yourself and to the world.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Introduction - Before Sunrise

Ladies and gentlemen and your Dumbness or highness which ever you may like, the look on your face tells me that calling you dumb satisfies you. so your dumbness here s the story of the dumbest man ever.


Like Google maps we zoom into the world watching oceans getting far and land getting bigger. We see a lad around 18 wearing tight bell bottoms(out of fashion)....a florescent shirt(never was in fashion) you can literally see his chest hair, if you zoom in and focus more(ewwwwwww).Meet Karan(fake name)an outdated, excited teenager who always looked old for college.


when Karan was in school,girls never liked him, common phrase used for him - You mean Karan!!!!...WOH UNCLE!!!!
yes poor karan, no girl liked him except Sarita for whom Karan was the cutest 'Uncle' in town. for Sarita, boys used a common phrase - You mean Sarita !!!!...WOH AUNTY!!!!

Karan and Sarita fell in love when they were in school.The perfect lets go back to the present day


Karan was ready for his first day in college, expecting new things in life and of course no matter how big a loser you are, you will always expect girls in your life like Karan.
Karan walked in to the college as the new Romeo, what a terrafic day he had before entering the gate. he met with an accident, torn clothes, bruised elbow. but there stood our hero, after buying new pair of tight bell bottoms (puke)....
and then he saw the girl who changes everything. Karan looked at her love struck..but he dosent know that this girl will change his life forever...


Once upon a time in SU- real land lived a King, who believed that he was the dumbest of all the living creatures in the universe. He was so proud of his dumbness that he challenged the universe to bring a person as stupid as him. many wise people came to SU-real land to explain to him that he might be wrong.After a lot of debate and killing of those wise men from different parts of the universe, remained one wise man. he was called 'the Blogger'.
The blogger told the king that far across many light years, in the solar system named Milky way which has only one sun and nine planets lives a person who might be playing with the hair on his chest right now is the dumbest living creature.

KING - O blogger from so far across, you tell me the story of this stupid person, if you prove your self right, i will give you every thing you need and loads of followers.

Blogger - well, i will tell you his story...i known him for 7 years and he is in his prime at the moment. so we will start from the scratch(while scratching his balls).are you ready?

KING - yes i am

Blogger - OK, so from today i will start narrating you the story of the dumbest person of the Universe...

The whole kingdom stood still.Birds animals and people of the SU-real land started coming to the palace.. some were stoned and some were furious....
but this was just the beginning of what will change their conceptions about dumbness forever...........